Voor het bestuur van de Europese Raad van Kerken verzorgde ik op 25 november de opening met een ochtendwijding. Hieronder de teksten.

Morning prayer fort he Governing Board of CEC (European Churches)
Friday the 25th of November 2021


Grace to you and peace
from God our Father, from Jesus his Son and from the Holy Spirit


We start with music. Lets listen to the performance of a men’s chorus.
The men  sing in two language:
in one of the oldest language of Europe, Latin;
and in one of the languages of today English.
In the documents for this meeting you can read about religieus illetaracy.
One of the plees also in church is, that we may experience God in our live more and more. So lets listen to the hymn ‘Nearer my God to thee’.

Music: Nearer my God to thee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyxXGdG3-Io


We live in odd times.
By supporting companies in times of corona, inflation is increasing.
Energy prices are rising rapidly.
In our country, the petrol prices per liter are beyond the two euros.
It will be a difficult winter.
The government recognizes this and has promised all Dutch families a discount on the tax of 400 euros.
The only painful thing is that many don't need the money.
But the lowest incomes in the Netherlands need more; and so do many families in Europe.
They live below the poverty line.
That has been the case for years.
But if you don't have the money for a washing machine when the old one breaks down, you can postpone the investment for a while.
However, if you cannot pay the energy bill, you will be cut off from electricity and gas.
The temperature in your house will go down and it might come close to zero degrees Celsius.
To prevent this, the churches in our region have started a campaign:
'Let’s  redistribute the tax benefit for energy’, is the slogan.
‘If you don't need the money, send it to us. And we will give it to the poorest people who need extra help’.
The European parlement realises the importance of helping the people at the bottom of society.
They are talking this week about introducing a minimum wage.
This solidarity inspires me to read Matthew 25.
Words about Gods blessing in the future, which motivates are actions today.

Bible reading

Matthieu 25: 32 etc

Tous les peuples de la terre seront assemblés devant Dieu.
Et il séparera les uns d'avec les autres,
comme le berger sépare les moutons des boucs; 
et il mettra les moutons à sa droite, et les boucs à sa gauche.

Alors le roi dira à ceux qui seront à sa droite:
Venez, vous qui êtes bénis par mon Père;
et recevez le royaume
qui a été préparé pour vous depuis la création du monde.

Car j'ai eu faim,
et vous m'avez donné à manger;
j'ai eu soif,
et vous m'avez donné à boire;
j'étais étranger,
et vous m'avez recueilli; 
j'étais nu,
et vous m'avez vêtu;
j'étais malade,
et vous m'avez visité;
j'étais en prison,
et vous êtes venus vers moi. 

Je vous le déclare:
c’est la vérité:
toutes les fois que vous l’avez fait à l'un de ces plus petits de mes frères,
c'est à moi que vous l’avez fait.


Matthew 25:32 etc (English version)


All the peoples of the earth will be gathered before God.

And he will separate the people one from another,

as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats;

and he will put the sheep on his right hand, and the goats on his left.


Then the king will say to those who are on his right hand:

Come, you who are blessed by my Father;

and receive the kingdom

which has been prepared for you since the creation of the world.

For I was hungry,

and you gave me something to eat;

I was thirsty,

and you gave me something to drink;

I was a stranger,

and you invited me;

I was naked,

and you have clothed me;

I was sick,

and you have looked after me;

I was in prison

and you have visited me.

I tell you:

It's the truth:

Whatever you did to one of the least of these brothers of mine,

you did it to me.



Herr, wir beten dir:

Gib uns Sensibilität für deine Zukunft,  
dass wir unsere geistliche Armut anerkennen,
damit dein Königreich sich öffnet für uns;

dass wir bereit sind, das Leiden der Menschen zu tragen,

damit wir zusammen getröstet werden;

dass wir Sanftmut offenbaren,
damit wir das Leben auf die Erde ermöglichen;
dass wir nach Gerechtigkeit hungern,
damit wir gespeist werden können.

Herr, wir beten dir:
Dass wir Barmherzigkeit erweisen,
ein reines Herz bekommen,
Frieden schenken.

Herr, wir beten dir:
Dass wir heute in unsere Versammlung in Liebe hören,
in Weisheit sprechen,
deinen Namen ehren,
deine Gnade empfangen;
damit wir unter deinem Segen leben können,

durch Jesus Christus, deinen Sohn, unseren Herrn.

Dein ist das Königreich
und die Macht
und die Herrlichkeit
von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit.



Prayer (English version)


Lord, we pray to you:

Make us sensitive for your future,
that we recognize our spiritual poverty,

so that your kingdom will be opened to us;

that we are ready to bear the suffering of the other,

so that we may be comforted together;

that we show meekness,

so that we enable life on earth;

that we hunger for righteousness
that we may be fed.


Lord, we pray to you:
That we show mercy,

that we receive a pure heart,

that we give peace.

Lord, we pray to you:
That we hear in love in our meeting today,

Speak in wisdom,
honor your name,

receive your grace;
that we may live under your blessing,

through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.

Yours is the kingdom

and the power

and the glory

from eternity to eternity.




De Here zegent ons en behoedt ons,
De Here doet zijn aangezicht over ons lichten en is ons genadig,
De Here verheft zijn aangezicht over ons en geeft ons vrede.